University presidents grilled by MPs at antisemitism committee

By Valerie / May 28, 2024 /

The presidents of some of Canada’s largest universities had few answers for parliamentarians as to why antisemitic incidents haven’t been properly addressed on campuses.

Presidents from four major Canadian universities testified at a parliamentary justice committee hearing against antisemitism on Monday.

They spoke about the rise of anti-Jewish hate on their campuses as anti-Israel encampments remain entrenched on their campuses, along with legal experts, concerned students and police.

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By Valerie / May 28, 2024 /

I’m delighted to announce the second annual National “Pride” Flag Walk-Out Day on June 3rd!

More about that in a moment, but first, I want to share some relevant background…

In 2023, on the heels of a budding parental rebellion against school board indoctrination of children with LGBT propaganda, we launched the first ever National “Pride” Flag Walkout Day to coincide with the first day of June.

Our strategy was to cause classrooms across Canada to be noticeably emptier on the day that most school boards begin a month-long, transgender and homosexual indoctrination campaign.

We hoped that would send a strong message to teachers, principals and elected trustees that parents are fed-up with radical sexual programming being forced on their kids

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Alberta’s Federal Child Care Agreement Fizzles in First Year

By Valerie / May 28, 2024 /

OTTAWA, ON – A new study is shedding light on the difficulties Alberta’s government has had in implementing the federal government’s problem-riddled national child care program. A review of government records by think tank Cardus found that Alberta managed to spend only about a quarter its almost $403 million in funding for the first year of its Canada-Wide Early Learning and Child Care Agreement with the federal government.

Alberta had to put off more than $400 million in federal child care funding to a future year, according to Child Care Funding Update: Alberta—Year One, because the province wasn’t able to implement most of the incredibly complex agreement with the federal government in the 2021-22 fiscal year.

The federal government insisted on an agreement that heavily

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NWT Leaves Most Federal Child Care Funding Unspent in First Year

By Valerie / May 28, 2024 /

OTTAWA, ON – The Northwest Territories got off to a problematic start in implementing the first year of its Canada-Wide Early Learning and Child Care Agreement with the federal government. The territory spent just under $1 million of the $6.3 million allocated for the first year, not counting administrative costs.

Despite moving towards a universal system before signing the agreement, the Northwest Territories has struggled with increasing demand for heavily subsidised spots outstripping the creation of new child care spaces.

The territory’s year-one funding went largely toward reducing parent fees by 50%. No money was spent on creating new spaces in 2021, though the territory is supposed to have created 75 non-profit spaces between year one and year two of its agreement with the federal government. The territorial govern

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Judge Grants Partial Injunction Against Pro-Palestinian Encampment at Montreal’s UQAM

By Iron Will / May 27, 2024 /

A judge has granted Université du Québec à Montréal a partial injunction against pro-Palestinian protesters who set up an encampment on its downtown campus earlier this month.

Superior Court Justice Louis J. Gouin ruled on May 27 that safety measures need to be put in place at the encampment, and that doing so won’t infringe on the encampment members’ right to protest.

“It’s essential that appropriate security measures be put in place immediately in order to prevent an unfortunate event from happening and for UQAM to suffer serious or irreparable harm,” Justice Gouin wrote.

“In the present circumstances, it is definitely preferable to prevent rather than to heal.”

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Ottawa Working on Artificial Intelligence Strategy for the Public Service

By Roli / May 27, 2024 /

Ottawa is developing a new artificial intelligence strategy for federal government operations, Treasury Board President Anita Anand said on May 27.

“It is a big step towards a cohesive and consistent federal approach to AI,” Ms. Anand said at a meeting of AI experts in Gatineau, Que., where the strategy is being discussed.

The intention is to make government operations more efficient and improve services for Canadians, while also improving capacity for science and research.

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NB Premier Bans Group From Schools After ‘Inappropriate’ Sex-Ed Presentation

By Roli / May 26, 2024 /

New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs says he is upset over “inappropriate” content shared with students at New Brunswick high schools, and the group behind the presentation will no longer be allowed in schools.

“A number of concerned parents have shared with me photos and screenshots of clearly inappropriate material that was presented recently in at least four New Brunswick high schools,” he said in a May 24 post on X, formerly Twitter.

“To say I am furious would be a gross understatement,” he said.

The premier said the material went “well beyond the scope” of an HPV presentation.

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School That Let T-Mobile Install 9 Cell Antennas Near Playground Locked Into 31-Year Contract

By Roli / May 24, 2024 /

A private school in San Diego signed a contract with T-Mobile to install hidden antennas only 20 feet above the school’s playground. Parents said they didn’t find out until a parent accidentally saw them while the school was closed for a holiday break.

The private school, operated by the Rock Church — one of the largest megachurches in the U.S. — serves over 400 K-12 students and 100 preschoolers. The school and church share a campus.

Rock Church leaders in April 2022 secretly signed a contract with T-Mobile giving the telecom company permission to install the antennas, according to Rock Academy parent Laura Buckley.

“The problem is not just that the Rock failed to inform parents and staff before signing the contract,” Buckley, whose kids are in third, sixth and eighth grade, told The Defender. “They were presumably never going to disclose the antennas at all.”

During installation, the school and T-Mobile hid the antennas behind tarps. “Now they are hidden behind a facade that matches the building,” she said.

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BREAKING–University of Pennsylvania, NIAID, Announce mRNA Vaccine for H5N1 Influenza

By Iron Will / May 24, 2024 /

Final Publication 2024 Shows Group Working with Clade for Years

Mallard ducks are largely asymptomatic carriers of highly pathogenic avian influenza H5N1. The spread of H5N1 clade (specific source variant) may have been facilitated by the USDA Poultry Research Center in Athens, Georgia where researchers have been performing serial passage (a form of Gain-of-Function) experiments in mallard ducks since 2021. However, clade was described back in 2016 by Russian investigators with multiple mammalian cases described in Europe after that time period. Mallards have extensive migration patterns and co-mingle with farm animals, which makes them an ideal wild animal for spreading the virus throughout North America and Eurasia.

Dr. Colleen Furey, Dr. Scott Hensley, and a group of authors including recent Nobel Laureate Dr. Drew Weissman at the The University of Pennsylvania, Department of Microbiology obtained National Institutes of Health, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) grants Health and Human Services, contracts 75N93021C00015, 75N93021C00016 and grants R01AI08686 and R01AI126899 to develop an mRNA vaccine to this clade.

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Parents in New Brunswick are furious after they discovered their children were subjected to a very sexual mandatory presentation at school

By Iron Will / May 24, 2024 /

The Canadian Independent spoke with several concerned parents and learned that children in grades 6 through 12 at various schools throughout New Brunswick were subjected to a very sexual mandatory presentation by an organization called “Thirsty for the Talk.”

The organizations website talks about how to have anal sex, what cum tastes like, swallowing cum, blowjobs, toss salads, and much more.

You can check out the Thirsty for the Talk website at the link below.

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