Cancel Culture

Project Veritas ceases operations, lays off all remaining journalists

By Shawna / September 21, 2023 /

Seven months after James O’Keefe announced he’d been ousted from Project Veritas, the company he founded in 2010 has imploded. Former Veritas employee and investigative reporter Bobby Harr announced that Project Veritas has suspended all operations effective immediately, which The Post Millennial later confirmed.

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Ben Shapiro on Russell Brand

By Valerie / September 20, 2023 /

British government , based on unproved allegations, wants Russell Brand to be demonetized on Youtube (4.5 million viewers) and now his Rumble account (1.5 million) is being pressured to demonetize him. Allegations against him that his formerly promiscuous behaviour – he is now married and a father – was not consensual. In link below, Brand gives his side.
Shapiro talks about this halfway.

Rumble says that free speech.

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Political Smear? Russell Brand Accused by 4 Women of Rape, Assault and Sexual Misconduct

By Iron Will / September 20, 2023 /

Russell Brand, a comedian and political commentator who has spoken out against the New World Order, the war in Ukraine, COVID vaccines and policies, Jeffrey Epstein, corporatism and more, has been accused by at least four women of rape, sexual assault and professional misconduct. The reports were not initially made to police, but to the British media, Channel 4 Dispatches, the Times of London and the Sunday Times, that have been working on the case for years.

Russell Brand is an admitted former drug and sex addict.

The accusers include “Alice”, who says she was 16 years old when she had a three-month affair with Brand who was 31 at the time; the age of consent in the UK is 16 years old. A BBC car was used to pick Alice up from school and bring her to Russell Brand’s home. Alice says that Brand assaulted her in a non-consensual sex attack and she had to punch him to get him off of her.

Another woman who came forward claimed Brand raped her against a wall at his home in Los Angeles and medical records indicate she was treated at a rape crisis center the same day in 2012. She says that she has text messages from Brand apologizing.

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Association of American Physicians and Surgeons

By Shawna / September 19, 2023 /

The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons – AAPS – is a non-partisan professional association of physicians in all types of practices and specialties across the country.
Since 1943, AAPS has been dedicated to the highest ethical standards of the Oath of Hippocrates and to preserving the sanctity of the patient-physician relationship and the practice of private medicine.

Our motto, “omnia pro aegroto” means “all for the patient.”

To serve the state? Or to serve our patients?
That is the question we will increasingly face as government forces its power into every nook and cranny of our professional lives. I once belonged to all the standard societies—my specialty society, my state and local medical society and—dare I admit this—even the AMA. But I discovered that none of these societies stood on the principles I hold dear—individual liberty, personal responsibility, limited government, and the ability to freely practice medicine according to time honored Hippocratic principles.

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Canadian School Purges Books Published Before 2008 in Bid for ‘Inclusivity’

By Iron Will / September 18, 2023 /

In a quest to be more “inclusive,” a Canadian school board in Mississauga, Ontario has decided to purge its library of all books published before the year 2008.

Erindale Secondary School in Mississauga, Ontario, ‘burned’ roughly 50% of its library book, including Harry Potter and the Hunger Games series, as part of a new “equity-based book weeding” implemented by the Peel District School Board earlier this year, according to the CBC.

The board insists it was following a wider directive from the Minister of Education to make learning resources more inclusive and reflective of the community.

Yes, a library with empty shelves sounds very inclusive…

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By Iron Will / September 17, 2023 /

130 Unions in Canada are taking part in organizing intimidation, assaults and hate crimes against peaceful protesters and supporters of children.

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Bookgate: Controversy at the Peel District School Board

By Iron Will / September 16, 2023 /

The culling of “Euro-centric” and “colonial” books

Earlier this week, Grade 10 student Reina Takatam, who attends Erindale Secondary School in Mississauga, ON, spoke to CBC about the disturbingly barren bookshelves in her school library. According to Takatam’s estimate, when she returned to school after summer vacation, “more than 50 per cent of her school’s library books (were) gone.”

Following up on this story, which I call “bookgate,” I contacted a teacher who has been employed with the Peel District School Board (PDSB) for decades. To protect the teachers identity, I will refer to them as “Teacher X.”

The first insight I gained from Teacher X was that, while Reina Takatam did contact the CBC about the abundance of empty library shelves at her school, the truth is, many PDSB librarians and teachers were outraged and had also complained. As will be expanded in the following essay, the purging of books at PDSB was the design of radical activists who have been running things for years.

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The Review of the Peel District School Board Strikes Again

By Iron Will / September 16, 2023 /

School libraries the latest casualty

Images of empty library shelves are all over the media and people are asking what is going on. Why would so many books be purged all at once, and what exactly were the criteria for removing them?

Let’s look at the second question first. On November 7th, 2019, Education Minister Steven Lecce ordered a review of the PDSB in response to allegations from a well-organized group of community activists and their supporters among the board’s senior administration that the board was “systemically racist”. The activists pointed to the relatively low academic achievement and the high levels of discipline being handed out to black (especially male) students and demanded that the board adopt “anti-racist” policies based on Critical Theory principles being promoted by well known CT practitioners such as Ibram X. Kendi and Robin DeAngelo.

The PDSB review was undertaken by “equality rights” lawyer Ena Chadha, career bureaucrat Suzanne Herbert, and family and estate lawyer Shawn Richard. With this trio doing the review, any hope that it would be a dispassionate, rational, and impartial attempt to ascertain the reason why so many black (mostly boys) students were being unsuccessful in PDSB schools was dashed from day one. But this has turned out to be far, far worse than an opportunity lost.

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Woke Educational Book Burning Fires Up In Canadian Schools, by Brad Salzberg

By Iron Will / September 15, 2023 /

“The board asked its libraries to remove fiction and non-fiction books published before 2008 while assessing collections through an equity lens.”

“Ontario’s Education Minister says he has asked a school board to immediately end the practice of removing library books after concerns were raised about how it was carrying out the process of assessing and removing older books.”

Over the past decade, Ontario’s public school system has adopted a certain militancy when it comes to “educating” their students.

“Since last spring, the Peel District School Board, outside Toronto, has been weeding books from school libraries that are not deemed inclusive.”

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Ontario School Board Says It Didn’t Tell Libraries to Purge Books Published Before 2008

By Iron Will / September 15, 2023 /

Ontario’s Peel District School Board (PDSB) received criticism earlier this week, including from the education minister, after reports the board told librarians to remove all books published before 2008 for “equity” reasons.
The board’s education director says librarians were not given this instruction and that books with any publishing date that meet equity criteria should be kept.
“Regardless of publication date, older or damaged books that are accurate, relevant to the student population, inclusive, not harmful, and support the current curriculum, may stay,” director Rashmi Swarup said in a statement emailed to The Epoch Times.
A board spokesperson confirmed, however, that a PDSB manual for book “weeding” gives a 15-year “weeding date,” which would bring them to 2008.

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