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This is a revolution!  Your News is reclaiming the power of the press. Benjamin Franklin was passionate about creating something for the people to read. It was news available at your fingertips! There was opposition, support, anger, and joy. But what we really experienced at the birth of freedom was the ability to share and express whatever news needed to be shared. Your News seeks to continue that courageous and patriotic movement.

No matter how big or small your story is, you will be heard. Uncensored. They are putting the power of the press back into the hands of the people!! If you’d like to reclaim what has been taken from our countries and put it back the way it was intended, you can be a Your News Citizen Journalist.

Will discusses the concept of YourNews with its founder, Sam Anthony.




  1. Roger Foster on August 24, 2022 at 3:43 am

    interesting but again it goes back to the old way of doing things where “advertisers” sponsor the content which leads to various types of censorship be it from corporate pressure or government pressure, to report or not to report on something.

    we then seen the early YouTube model which I thought was the best in which the sponsor funded the platform & had no ties to individual personalities channels or such, you simply paid to run your ads on the YouTube platform in the rotation & the reach & repetition of such ads were determined by the amount who actually watched the ads as oppose to skipping them after 5 seconds.

    and the personalities & the channels on which the ads would run were decides by simple ranking of public popularity thus those who have more reach & more views get more ad revenue cut.

    as for the total landscape of news media today, I would like to see Legacy “Trusted” media essentially given an ultimatum to get out of the narrative, opinion & commentary business & go back to the model of non political unbiased ethical journalism & news delivery

    thus leaving the commentary and analysis to those of us in independent & citizen based media & social media.

    as what someone tweets is not major news thus the legacy media needs to stop reporting social media responses as if it were such & offering up their opinions, they are not supposed to have a public opinion as they don’t determine what the news means they are merely supposed to deliver the news & thus they have no other interest in or narrative to push or defend.

    so we need to make it clear, if legacy media is going to survive in the modern age they need to abandon their narrative based commentary & return to the era of journalism & news delivery & their willingness to report on all relevant issues will determine how trustworthy of a news source they are.

    the bottom line is whatever model evolves we need to ensure that the ad revenue & sponsors of the platform are decoupled from the content providers deliverers so both corporate & government can not influence content & reporting of news & revenue can not simply be choked off from those asking the real questions & challenging the establishment narrative.

    • Marcie on August 27, 2022 at 7:14 pm

      Your comment about advertisers sponsoring content reminds me of the many “sponsored by Pfizer” news stations in the U.S. What can be done to prevent this type of takeover? How would you decouple advertisers from content providers?

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