IWR Weekly: The Real Reason They Fired Tucker (EXCERPT)

In this week’s Iron Will Report:

  • Gov. Workers Want 3x Average Cdn Salary
  • Smith Spends $2 Million to Make Alberta Safer
  • CBC Caught Lying – Again
  • The Real Reason They Fired Tucker Carlson
  • Kids “Dying Suddenly” In Record Numbers
  • Pfizer and Moderna Shots Contain 35% DNA
  • Twitter Refuses to Censor for CBC
  • Almost Half of Canadians Want the CBC Defunded
  • Facial Recognition for Access and Purchases
  • Fat Shaming Electric Cars
  • Pink-Heeled Politicians Make Fools of Themselves – Again

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  1. Juscha on May 1, 2023 at 8:52 pm

    I’m SAD to see your Trilby go – It’s part of your unique persona! Wonderful show, as ever 🙂

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