IWR Weekly: Of Pets and Pigs | The WHO One Health Agenda

In this week’s Iron Will Report: Facebook Joins Google in Opposing Bill C-18 CSIS Docs: The Illegal Chinese Funding Strategy Explained Justy’s Injustice: The Impossible-to-find Public Survey on Foreign Influence Trudeau Blasted by McGill University Ethics Professor The National Citizens Inquiry Launches: How You Can Testify Our Hero of the Week: Former Hardcore Feminist Rebecca Barrett And in the Member’s Version at IronWillReport.com: Further Proof that Biden is Controlled by the WEF An In-Depth Report on the WHO One Health Agenda, including… The Quadripartite – Four Organizations to Destroy Energy, Food, and Health The Fearmongering List of Non-Contagious Zoonotic Diseases The Myth of Animal Viral Transmission to Humans Farmer Gates: mRNA Vaccines to Sterilize Livestock A Home CRISPR Kit for Less Than $200. What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Camp for Criminals Results in Higher Rates of Re-Offenders  
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