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IWR Weekly: Nordstream Culprit

In this week’s report….

  • Liberal Healthcare Parachute Won’t Open
  • Covid Theatre Results in Record Wait Times
  • Canada Leads the Way in Medical Tyranny
  • We Are The Borg: 6G
  • Our New Speaker’s Corner

And in the Members version the above PLUS…

  • WHO Pushes Surveillance and 100% Injection Rates
  • Moderna: The Disciples of Mengele
  • Broke Under Freeland, Trudeau’s Word is ‘Fertilizer’
  • Zombieland: Double Mask
  • Criticizing Trudeau Threatens Citizenship
  • Nordstream Culprit Revealed
  • Telegram or Telegraph? App Not Secure
  • Gender Fluid Security Risk
  • Luke Turns to the Gay Side?


  1. Richard Levy on February 18, 2023 at 9:58 am

    I’d say that the “they” Knew that something needed to be done with the HCS to prepare for the aging BB’s. They needed to do NOTHING AT ALL. This solution fit in well with “their” ongoing eugenics agenda. And was easily accomplished even for the “them”. Instead of just completely doing nothing which is in fact easier than watching paint dry; they conjured up fear and a solution of venom from every poisonous creature on earth and beyond, mixed it all up with some other obamanations and served it all to the deaf and the blind, the poor and the sleepy, then used extreme coercion and lies to try and make the rest of us have some. And “They” refused to treat the pure bloods. I saw people dyeing because of this prejudice. In my home! Hospital finally took him in but it was too late. No autopsy reports for the guys family will be forthcoming in this lifetime. I digress. Now the “they” are giving everybody the option of checking out early with a little help from doctors who took the hypocritical oath and blocked off the critical thinking part of their brains replacing it with ass.
    Have a great day!

  2. Roger Foster on February 18, 2023 at 5:53 am

    the point is this & it needs to be shoved in the face of every politician.

    you have known or should have known 20 years ago that we were going to be dealing with an aging boomer population with most reaching end of life over a 25 year period, so exactly what have you done to prepare for this as we were told by politicians in the late 90’s when they were pitching for more healthcare revenue, that we were going to have to prepare our healthcare system to deal with this massive need increase of an aging population over the next 50 years ???

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