In this week’s free version of the Iron Will Report:

  • New World Order: What Happened in Davos
  • CDN Government Legislating Tyrannical Censorship
  • Analysis: Why the MSM Won’t Report on Bill S-223
  • U.S. DoD Submits ‘Zero Trust’ Internet Report to Biden

And in the members’ version, those stories and…

  • AHS Computer’s Crash as Smith Conducts Purge of Health Services
  • How Much Has Our Government Spent Redacting Documents?
  • Embarrassing Moments at Davos
  • Interactive Vaccine Harms Database Now Online
  • ‘Death Breath’; Inhalable mRNA ‘Vaccines’
  • 15 Minute Cities Coming to Canada; Pilot Projects
  • Cisheteronormativity: A Word the Woke Made Up
  • Racially Segregated Theatre: No Whites Allowed

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  1. Juscha on March 11, 2023 at 6:21 pm

    Holy Moly Will. Great coverage of the Organ Harvest Bill & the fact that Canada is practically leading the way in this increasingly corrupt “health” field…

    Glad too to see some coverage of the WEF’s AGILE GOVERNANCE in Canada…

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