A "thank you" from Will

Subscriptions at Iron Will Report are primarily used to support our efforts at StrongAndFreeCanada.org to recover and defend our rights and freedoms. By providing you with something of value, rather than asking for donations, we are building a strong foundation to continue to work against the globalist agenda of depopulation and control.

I established Iron Will Report just for this purpose. It became clear in the spring of 2022 that we could not rely upon donations at Strong And Free Canada alone to support our efforts to recover and defend the rights of all Canadians. The vast majority of the money raised at this site does not go to me, but to supporting the war for our rights and freedoms.

Thank you for contributing to our efforts to bring people the truth.

Sincerely, Will Dove (Iron Will)
Veritas. Libertas. Justitia.
(Truth. Freedom. Justice.)


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