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IWR News for May 24th
Canada’s Coming Digital Prison: Life Under Digital IDs

This week in news that mainstream media won’t report and our government doesn’t want you to hear:

  • Canada’s Coming Digital Prison: Life Under Digital IDs
  • Exclusive: Bird Flu Timeline Revealed
  • Guilbeault Math: 2% Equals 33%
  • Electric Fairies Aren’t Real
  • Deadly Electric Cars
  • Canada’s Standard of Living Worst in 40 Years
  • Trudeau Spends $30 Million on Trans Agenda
  • Canada Fails Education System Report Card
  • Canada’s Dramatic Quality of Life Drop Since Trudeau
  • A Feel Good Story: Canadian Values Aren’t Dead
  • Study Shows Unvaxxed Kids Are Healthier
  • Pfizer Whistle Blower Reveals Efforts to Deceive FDA
  • WHO Director Calls for ‘Total Overhaul’ of Society
  • Dr. Evil Retires
  • WW3: China Will Attack Taiwan
  • Documentary: Gay and Transgender Animals


Second Street Education System Report Card:

Numbeo Quality of Life Index:

Food Banks Canada Poverty Report Card:

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