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IWR News for June 14th: Special Report
Fake News – The False EU Elections Narrative

Last week 700 million Europeans voted for their European Union representatives. After a dramatic defeat for the left, mainstream media has been reporting that the EU is being taken over by ‘far-right extremists’. But they were also careful to present the election results in such a way that their false narrative was difficult to detect.

In this Special Edition of the Iron Will Report:

  • How the EU works: Corruption on Multiple Levels
  • How the 2019 Elections were Rigged in Favor of the Left
  • A Secret ‘Center Right’ WEF Agent Exposed
  • The Elections Data Presented Honestly – See the Corruption For Yourself
  • The Demise of Globalist Control in Europe
  • A Sinister Plot Between the EU, the WEF, and Trudeau Revealed
  • Proof the Leftist Media Narrative is False


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