IWR Weekly: Why WalMart Stayed Open

In this week’s Iron Will Report:

Why WalMart Stayed Open: Catherine Fitts NCI Testimony
The Corruption of Mainstream Media: Anita Krishna’s NCI Testimony
Is Uber Safe for Your Kids?
New BestSeller: “I’m Unvaccinated and That’s OK”
The Reclaiming Canada Conference: Victoria, May 26 to 28
CARM: ArriveCan for Imported Goods
The Police Will Read Your Mail
Bill C-21: And Why the Senate Readings Won’t Matter
Scott Moe’s Saskatchewan Defies Bill C-21
Facebook Gets Record Fine
Trudeau Readying to Game the Election
Kids Stay Home from School in Record Numbers on Rainbow Day
Toilets are ‘White Supremacy’

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Past News Reports

IWR Weekly: It’s About Consent, Stupid

In this week’s report:

  • Infodemics: We Are the Superspreaders
  • Death of Mainstream Media
  • Fully Automated Herd Culling: Govt. Euthanasia Contracts
  • Bankrupting of Canadians
  • Hero of the Week: Ben Bankas

And in the Members version all the above PLUS…

  • It’s About Consent, Stupid
  • Big Brother Collecting Your Data
  • Vulnerable Population Not the Elderly
  • San Francisco Imprisons Non-Maskers
  • Public Order Approval Commission Extended Powers
  • Pink Woolly Mammoths

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IWR Weekly News | Non-Science, the New Science

In this week’s report….

  • Google Blocks Access to News for Some Users
  • Immigration and the Plan to Destroy Our National Identity
  • The Threat to Your Pension
  • The global warming alarmists latest insanity: Space Mirrors!
  • Anonymous CSIS Source Rats on Turd

And in the full member’s version:

  • WHO Continues Global Domination Plans
  • Exclusive: Paramedic Deaths
  • Prison For the Unvaxxed
  • At Least One Judge in Canada is Doing His Job
  • Yet More White Racism
  • Busty Goes on Vacation
  • Woody’s World

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Special Report: Planned Medical Tyranny from Health Canada

(Due to a staffing change there is no Friday news report this week. In its place Will brings you this special report. The news report will return next week.)

Our government is not only planning continued medical tyranny, but is also bringing our food supply under the umbrella of Health Canada. And all of it is in published government reports and documents. Will exposes their plans directly from those documents. More shots, mRNA manufacturing facilities in Canada, MAiD, the promotion of addictive drugs, full term abortions and above all, surveillance and control. Their planned digital IDs will be used to restrict your access to health care, education, travel, the creation of a bank account, and internet access.


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IWR Weekly: Nordstream Culprit

In this week’s report….

  • Liberal Healthcare Parachute Won’t Open
  • Covid Theatre Results in Record Wait Times
  • Canada Leads the Way in Medical Tyranny
  • We Are The Borg: 6G
  • Our New Speaker’s Corner

And in the Members version the above PLUS…

  • WHO Pushes Surveillance and 100% Injection Rates
  • Moderna: The Disciples of Mengele
  • Broke Under Freeland, Trudeau’s Word is ‘Fertilizer’
  • Zombieland: Double Mask
  • Criticizing Trudeau Threatens Citizenship
  • Nordstream Culprit Revealed
  • Telegram or Telegraph? App Not Secure
  • Gender Fluid Security Risk
  • Luke Turns to the Gay Side?

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IWR Weekly News: AI Censorship

In this week’s report:

  • Bill C-11 May Not Pass
  • Even Facebook Blasts Bill C-18
  • AI Censorship Being Developed by U.S.
  • Spinning the Coming POEC Decision

And in the member’s only report at IronWillReport.com

  • ArriveCan 2.0
  • Twitter Still Censoring – Including Us
  • More Proof of Government Collusion with WEF
  • How the Green Agenda is Killing the Economy
  • Billions Spent By Liberals on Charging Stations
  • The Truth Behind the Trudeau/Smith Handshake
  • Further Moves to Cripple Food Production in Canada
  • Tucker Carlson Trolls the NDP
  • SFU Offers Seminar on Climate Change Anxiety

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IWR Weekly News: Truck Trudeau 2.0

In this week’s free version:

  • F*ck Trudeau – Freedom Convoy 2.0
  • Trudeau’s Campaign to De-Criminalize Crime
  • MSM’s Billion Dollar Funeral
  • True North Not Strong and Free
  • Bolshevik British Columbia

AND in the Member’s version all of the above PLUS:

  • WEF’s Coming Global Cyber Shutdown
  • Gates and Zuckerberg Admit Shots Don’t Work
  • Pfizer Exec Video You Didn’t See
  • WHO Plan to Enforce Endless Injections
  • Trudeau’s Policies and Impending Financial Doom
  • A Grab Bag of Good News
  • I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up
  • Purple is the New Stupid

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In this week’s free version of the Iron Will Report:

  • New World Order: What Happened in Davos
  • CDN Government Legislating Tyrannical Censorship
  • Analysis: Why the MSM Won’t Report on Bill S-223
  • U.S. DoD Submits ‘Zero Trust’ Internet Report to Biden

And in the members’ version, those stories and…

  • AHS Computer’s Crash as Smith Conducts Purge of Health Services
  • How Much Has Our Government Spent Redacting Documents?
  • Embarrassing Moments at Davos
  • Interactive Vaccine Harms Database Now Online
  • ‘Death Breath’; Inhalable mRNA ‘Vaccines’
  • 15 Minute Cities Coming to Canada; Pilot Projects
  • Cisheteronormativity: A Word the Woke Made Up
  • Racially Segregated Theatre: No Whites Allowed

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The Iron Will Weekly News Report

In this week’s free version of the IronWillReport:

  • Covid Hotels Coming Back?
  • The Coming White Minority in Canada
  • Anti-Coke? You’re a Racist
  • Kill Switches in Our Cars
  • The Surveillance State Within: Neural Dust

And MORE in the full members’ version:

  • Toronto Woman Killed for Not Wearing a Mask
  • Proof of Who is Behind the Attacks on Food Processing Facilities
  • Vaxxed Meat: Coming Soon
  • Citizenship Based Taxation
  • Charities ‘Accidentally’ Deregistered by CRA
  • Davos: The Porno Version
  • 3 in 1 ‘Vaccines’
  • Busty Lemieux Gets Busted
  • Transgender Miss Universe

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The Iron Will Weekly News Report

In this week’s free report….

  • WHO Destroys Human Rights
  • EU Requires Digital ID for Canadian Travelers
  • WHO’s Censorship Panel
  • More Canadian Govt. Sponsored Censorship
  • The Abolition of Money

In the Members report, the above PLUS:

  • Athlete Deaths – The Real Stats
  • CDC Report Exposes VAERS Injuries
  • The Murder of Our Children
  • mRNA Shots and Cancer
  • Canada’s Death Cult
  • An Inconvenient Truth About Polar Bears
  • Digital ID and Facial Tracking
  • Jets Are Anti-Feminist
  • Busty Lemieux’s Skydive to Fame
  • Brazilian Man Identifies as Mother

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