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Iron Will Legal Updates – Episode 1 | Leighton Grey

Today’s episode centers on large scale actions that Leighton Grey is directly involved in on the subject of Canadian workers in federal court and in the provinces of BC, Alberta and Manitoba. There are thousands of Canadians that have been impacted by vaccine mandates involved in these cases whose human rights have been violated.

  • Who are these brave Canadian workers?
  • What companies are being sued in these actions?
  • How are unions involved in these human rights violations?
  • What remedies are the cases seeking?


Grey Matter Podcast


  1. Roger Foster on July 28, 2022 at 2:33 am

    I have yet to see anyone take on social media for their censoring of constitutionally protected speech & punishing people for their constitutionally protected speech, as this may be seen as not as important, but the silencing of speech is how they bullshit the masses & it will only get worse as the WHO now wants to silence anyone questioning their narratives on social media.

    I see it as two issues the first being the censorship of constitutionally protected speech & the right to say things publicly some may not want the public to hear because it was not approved by the ministry of propaganda.

    the other is the punishing of people for their constitutionally protected speech in order to force them to modify their behavior & or publicly expressed beliefs or opinions which is psychological oppression that constitutes cruel & unusual punishment.

    so even as a private platform they claim to have the right to moderate content, they do not have the right to punish people for constitutionally protected speech by banning people / repeat offenders or in any way limiting their reach.

    one may say just go to another platform, the problem with that is they will not simply allow you to take your intellectual property & leave

    as upon request they should have to give you your list of contact & subscribers with their associated Email addresses.

    we are not going to win this war until we take down their propaganda machine & although the main stream media has done a great job at exposing their bias & pure fabrication of the official narrative, without a way for the public to challenge their propaganda the majority who are not awake will never know there is an alternative discussion or point of view.

    so we really need to see some lawyers taking on Big Social Media

    in the end we need to see them declared a public utility like the phone, electric & cable companies that have no business scrutinizing content, removing content (other than that which is either calling for violence against a person group or specific entity or encouraging someone to commit a crime)

    and even in the rare case of approved removal of content, never having the ability to punish one for their speech, if they suspect something is illegal it should be submitted to law enforcement to deal with, never the corporation unless instructed by law enforcement.

  2. Roger Foster on July 28, 2022 at 1:44 am

    the poor are impacted by the mandates as there ability to do basic commerce in many cities in provinces is being drastically restricted or being denied & the massive money printing schemes that favor the wealthy & the corporations leave the those on fixed incomes with unethical cost of living increases foisted upon them with far more severe impact in many cases than the working class.

    so with the working class its more on the financial level of threatening ones income, with the poor the impact is of a lesser scope of denial or severe limits of access to basic essential services, services that much of the working class can avoid as they can afford to order meals & such delivered where that is a luxury the poor can not afford.

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