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How to Represent Yourself and Win
Beatrijs Penn

From 2020 until 2022 tens of thousands of Canadians were wrongfully dismissed from their jobs for refusing to take an experimental injection. Most simply do not have the resources to hire a lawyer to fight for the justice and reparation they deserve and many still don’t have those jobs back.

Beatrijs Penn was expelled from her psychotherapy practicum at St. Stephen’s College at the University of Alberta in 2015. While her expulsion had nothing to do with lockdowns or vaccine mandates, it was nonetheless a wrongful dismissal.

After spending 70,000 dollars and six years with a lawyer, and losing, Beatrijs made the decision to appeal. Without a lawyer.

She filed her appeal in 2021. In November of last year, two and half years and only a few thousand dollars in expenses later, Beatrijs won her appeal. The judges ruled that she had indeed been wrongfully dismissed. While the courts have not yet decided upon damages, St. Stephen’s College will almost certainly owe Beatrijs a substantial sum.

Vaccine mandate wrongful dismissals were often made under the accusation of ‘unprofessional conduct’. In this interview, which is very much the manual for how to successfully present yourself in court, you will learn how long you should expect the process to take, what it will cost in both time and money, and perhaps most importantly, the grounds on which you should seek justice.

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