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Health Care vs Sick Care: Dr. Rochagné Kilian

The corrupt Colleges for medical professionals across our country are working to take away your privacy, and the confidentiality of your relationship with your doctor. A number of doctors and nurses in Canada have lost their jobs because they stood by their medical ethics and refused to withhold information from their patients or prescribe treatments they believed to be dangerous.

Health Canada is working toward denying us all access to suppliments and natural health care products. Bill 36 in British Columbia has introduced levels of medical tyranny unlike anything the world has seen since communist Russia.

In short, the globalists and the traitorous elements within our own governments and institutions are working to destroy our health care system, and leave us with being consumers of big pharma products as our only option.

But there are alternatives.

Dr. Rochagné Kilian was one of the first to lose her job because she refused to participate in medical tyranny. She responded by starting on a long journey to provide alternative health care through a system, a private membership association, that is not under the authority of the government or the colleges. In the process, she and her husband sold their house to finance their efforts, and are now living in a motorhome.

On June 15th, she launched K Wellness Canada, a private membership association which provides its members with access to health counselling. In addition, in future phases of K Wellness, Dr. Kilian will also be able to provide patients with access to traditional medical treatments.

Dr. Kilian joins me today to discuss her vision for health care in Canada, the lawsuit against her by the CPSO for refusing to violate her patients privacy, and gives some advice on how we can all protect ourselves against an increasingly toxic environment.


K Wellness Canada

The Great Awakening Documentary

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