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Federal Budget Exposed: The Bankrupting of Canada
Peter J. Merrick

In March Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland announced this year’s budget. $498 billion dollars. This was just one month after Freeland announced that Trudeau’s government had increased their borrowing limit by $517 billion, an amount in excess of the entire annual budget, with virtually no announcement as to what the government would do with that money, and certainly nothing on how we would ever repay that debt.

Canadians are already pushing back against the carbon tax. A tax where Minister Freeland, when questioned in Parliament recently, refused to disclose how much money the government is making from it.

Now add to this the increase in capital gains tax, which most of you will be aware of by now.

But there are other new or revised taxes within the budget as well.

Peter Merrick is a Canadian, living in the U.S., who is an expert on protecting assets by moving them from Canada to the U.S., while paying minimal tax. Peter read the entire 430 page budget.

In this interview, Peter discloses the taxes in the budget that the government didn’t want you to know about. We also discuss the question of why Trudeau’s government is shipwrecking our economy. It’s easy to say that Minister Freeland is unqualified for her position. Her only degree is in Slavonic Studies, and what working background she has is in journalism. However, Chrystia Freeland also sits on the Board of Trustees for the World Economic Forum. Justin Trudeau, who appointed her to her position, is a graduate of the WEF’s Young Global Leaders indoctrination program, and Klaus Schwab, who despite his recent retirement announcement is still currently the director of the WEF, boasted years ago that he controlled over half of Trudeau’s cabinet.

So is the most recent disastrous budget incompetence, or is it something much darker, part of an intentional plan to destroy our economy and bankrupt Canadians.

And either way, what can you do to protect your assets when the inevitable collapse comes? The answer may surprise you.


Peter’s site: https://petermerrick.com/

Explanation of new and revised taxes in the budget: Canadians, Wake Up: Our Government Serves Globalists, Not You! (petermerrick.com)

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