Election Fraud and Restoring the Publics’ Trust | Sam Bushman

Sam Bushman returns, as the National Operations Director for the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) in the United States. Sam joins us to discuss the growing issue of voter fraud in the United States, and how both Canada and the US can tighten up on scrutinizing election processes and nearly eliminate the issue in both countries; to restoring the peoples’ trust in our democratic systems. On voter fraud with mail-in ballots…. It’s to the point even beyond that where the person in the nursing home may not even be aware that they’re 1. Registered to vote and/or 2. Voting. On how to investigate voter fraud… When it gets to vote fraud, a lot of these sheriffs are blatantly admitting that they are not exactly sure how to investigate these things. The reason I bring that up is that we at the CSPOA are working on a booklet to help sheriffs investigate these kinds of frauds. On Chain of Custody and its Importance in Elections …. If you want evidence of a crime that raises the level beyond probable cause what about then printing out something for me and deleting the digital master? That alone. They blatantly admit to that. But to me, that alone points to “Why would you do that?” If you’re in accounting there’s terms called audit trails, where you’re not allowed to delete the core, all the transactions behind the scenes. Many accounting systems once you finish a period, they lock it and you can’t even change it. In this case, there is no audit trail. Even if there’s not fraud, that’s not acceptable in America.
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