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Countdown to Crisis: The Coming Economic Collapse
Warren Keane, Adrian Spitters, and Bryce Wade

In 1929 the rich and powerful, the owners of the central banks, intentionally crashed the stock market. Over the next 3 years it lost 89% of its value, and it took 20 years to recover. During that time, massive amounts of wealth were transferred out of the hands of ordinary people and into the hands of the ancestors of today’s global industrialists, those who are members of organizations such as the WEF, the Bilderbergs and the Club of Rome.

The past 4 years has been another exercise in wealth transfer. Small and medium sized business put out of business, while big box stores made record profits. Ordinary working Canadians losing everything after losing their jobs. And where did all of that wealth go?

But all of that was just set up.

The real financial crisis is still to come.

I am joined once again by financial experts Adrian Spitters, Bryce Wade and Warren Keane.

In my past two interviews, one last year and another earlier this year, we did the interview in 3 parts because of the large amount of ground to cover. This interview, their second quarter financial update we did as one long interview. Partly because everything is interconnected and it’s difficult to cleanly separate the discussion into 3 parts.

The financial collapse of commercial banks, which is already under way. A severe shortage of real estate, leaving the younger generation priced well out of the market while the wealthy continue to acquire rental properties. Dramatic increases in lending rates that is already leading to rash of foreclosures. A shortage of precious metals, especially silver as green energy and biowarfare increase demand and banks are often refusing to transfer money for the purchase of silver or gold as an investment. Disease X and the WHO’s pandemic treaty. War and unrest increasing around the world. Commodity shortages which are already affecting the manufacture of the parts and goods that power our modern society. The list goes on.

But what does it all mean? When will the collapse happen and what will be the imminent warning signs? And above all, how do you protect yourself and your family from what will undoubtedly be the greatest economic collapse in history?


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(Disclosure: Western Advocacy Group receives a commission from sales made through this link. Commissions contribute to our efforts at StrongAndFreeCanada.org to provide Canadians with the tools and knowledge to defend their rights)

Contact Adrian Spitters, Financial Consultant:
Email: adrian@adrianspitters.com
Phone: 604•613•1693
Web: www.adrianspitters.com

Here is a link to Adrian’s brochure that explains his wealth advisory business in more detail. He works with a team of advisors to deliver holistic wealth advisory services. He is probably one of only a few advisors who can provide Holistic wealth advisory services that are also awake to the globalist agenda.

For anyone interested in downloading a free copy of Adrian’s book “Who’s Investing Your Money,” here is a link to the brochure

Who’s Investing Your Money? is available as a free PDF download at

or for purchase on Amazon.ca as a paperback or Kindle at

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