Church and State: Partners in Crime | Bob Dubroy

A couple of weeks ago I interviewed Robert DuBroy from Ottawa on his research into paramedic deaths in Canada. In talking with Bob I discovered he also had unique insights to share on two of our fundamental freedoms. Freedom of speech, and freedom of religion. Bob worked for the CBC for ten years from the mid 80s to the mid 90s and reveals how even then the CBC was essentially government funded state media, and how what journalistic integrity they did have then has completely vanished in recent years. In addition, Bob also spent seven years as an editor and then two years as a communications director for the archdiocese of the Catholic church in Ottawa. Bob shares his thoughts on how the church has completely failed to uphold the faith of it’s adherents, and in so doing, has failed society as a whole. Even if you are not religious, I urge you to watch this full interview. Freedom of speech and freedom of religion are inextricably linked. One cannot be attacked without attacking the other, and it provides a unique perspective to hear from someone who has an intimate working knowledge of both.
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