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Canada Under the WHO’s Health Care Dictatorship
Dr. Ben Turner

Just a few days ago, the WHO, the World Health Organization voted on the hundreds of amendments to the International Health Regulations. Amendments that will give them dictatorial power over all member countries to declare health emergencies internationally, and to demand that those countries adopt tyrannical health measures. Worst of all, the amendments define a ‘health emergency’ as whatever the Director of the WHO says it is.

While at the time of this recording the WHO amendments vote has not yet happened, I’m predicting that they will ram them through in one form or another.

Unfortunately, we here in Canada don’t have to wonder what that level of power to violate our rights would look like. We need only look at our own province of B.C.

B.C. where, in 2022, Bill 36 was passed as the Health Professions and Occupations Act. An Act which gives the government there dictatorial power over health care workers. Thousands of front line health care workers in B.C. lost their jobs over their refusal to take an experimental injection.

Last October, Bonnie Henry, the Public Health Officer of B.C. announced that those requirements are still in place. And the B.C. Health Care system is collapsing due to a shortage of workers. A shortage which the Health Officer’s mandates caused.

Dr. Ben Turner was a surgeon in B.C. He also holds a master’s degree in Health Care ethics and is the president of the Canadian Society for Science and Ethics in Medicine.

Ben contacted me recently in regards to a court decision handed down just a few weeks ago. A challenge brought before the courts in B.C. by workers who had been fired for refusing the vaccines.

They lost.

The court decided in favour of the government and upheld their vaccine mandates, even for those working from home.

This is what health care tyranny looks like. This is what the WHO wants the power to do to all of us.


Canadian Society for Science and Ethics in Medicine: https://www.cssem.org/

Supreme Court Decision of Health Tyranny: https://ironwillreport.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/05/Justice-Coval-re-Hoogerbrug-v.-British-Columbia-05-10.pdf

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