93 Canadian Doctors Dead – So Far | Dr. William Makis

December 8, 2022

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Canadian doctors are dying at an unprecedented rate. And they have all received the mRNA shots, in some cases as many as four, and most of these deaths are doctors under 50.

Dr. William Makis has collected the data on doctor deaths from both before and after the vaccine rollout. In addition, Dr. Makis discusses how Trudeau and his government stole his ground-breaking cancer research, a highly successful treatment which is essentially a cure for cancer, and are now working to profit immensely by selling the treatment at private clinics, which Trudeau’s government are building.

  • What has been the increase in sudden doctor deaths since the vaccines?
  • What is the primary cause of death?
  • With mRNA shots coming for the ‘tri-demic’ of Covid, influenza and RSV, how long can our health care system survive?
  • How does Dr. Makis’ revolutionary cancer treatment work, and why did Trudeau steal it?


Dr. Makis on Gettr

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