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$5 Million Prize: Disprove Vaccine-Autism Link
Steve Kirsch

A co-creator of both the optical mouse and email, Steve Kirsch made a small fortune in tech. At the start of the Covid pandemic, he donated funds for research into early treatment. Following the release of the vaccines, he took two Moderna shots, which caused him to lose vision in one eye. Still he trusted the narrative.

Then an acquaintance told him she knew 3 otherwise healthy people who had all died within one week of taking the vaccines. And still Steve believed.

Then the man who came to clean his carpets told him he couldn’t get the second shot because he’d had a heart attack two minutes after the first one.

Finally, Steve realized that something didn’t add up. Either his friends were lying, or someone else was.

An expert in data analysis, it wasn’t long before he released solid data, from the U.S. government, proving the link between Covid vaccines and a massive surge in injuries and deaths. He predicted the vaccines would be withdrawn within 2 weeks.

Years later, Steve is still working tirelessly to reveal the truth, and even conducts his own research by financing third party independent surveys.

What he’s found has convinced him that not only are the Covid vaccines anything but ‘safe and effective’, but that all vaccines are dangerous.

In the case of the MMR vaccines, he’s offered a $5 million dollar prize to anyone who can prove statistically that these vaccines don’t cause autism.

So far, no one has collected.

And yet, despite clear evidence of the link between vaccines and autism, as well as a host of other health issues, provincial governments add more vaccines to childhood vaccination schedules every year.

Almost every child in Canada will receive or has received the MMR vaccine.

1 in 36 of them will develop autism.



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